Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do What's Right . . .

Of all things I know, God gives us wisdom to do what is right...  
                               *     *     *     *     *

I had a restless night because I knowingly made a poor decision yesterday.  Such a decision would not be considered a mistake by most, but for me it was wrong.  Most of our lessons are learned in our youth.  Those seem to be the years of our risk taking and seeking to taste life in the fullest ways....   As youth, we chalk up the poor decisions as part of our learning curve.  As we get older, we have the wisdom from evidence we collected throughout yesteryears experiences. 
It's disturbing that I knowingly decided to go against the wisdom I gained throughout life.  Why would I do that?   That renegade attitude from my youth presented itself.. that powerful pull from my risk taking days .... I still like the fact that it exists, although tempered now by aging. When will I start to value the wisdom gleamed from days gone by?  To value wisdom is to learn and live by it.  Throughout my life,  I just didn't fall into little potholes, I also fell into a few huge ones...  There's something about dusting myself off and surviving that's captivating. Maybe that's my issue, living safe based on wisdom doesn't make me feel as a live as trying to survive the potholes of life.  Could that be it?  To even think that is not rational...
Of all things I know, God gives us wisdom to do what is right... no doubt that is the most powerful of all my thoughts today.  

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