Drenched in intensity . . . photography, psychology and journalistic nature come together in L. K. Hisayasu's writing and photos. Her career spans 27 years as a therapist, management consultant, hospital administrator, national lecturer and writer. In 2000, Linda took two years off from her professional career to experience different aspects of life, people and places. Traveling without plans, she experienced whatever the moment provided. She later described it as a most profound experience that left her with endless images and thoughts to ponder.  She published her first literary novel ALWAYS ENOUGH by L. K. Craft (her maiden name and pen pseudonym). Presently working on her next literary novel: THE SHATTER. She shares her thoughts about Christian faith, intensity, passion, vision and artistic relevancy in her writings. 

Of all things on her journey, God amazing grace was sufficient to see her through.  In 2006, Linda came full circle in returning to her faith.  Although her belief was never in question, until that time, she described herself as pulled by the world.  Re-committed  she now states that her only goal is to serve her Lord and Savior.

Graduate Degree:  University of Notre Dame
Undergraduate Degree:  Spring Arbor University

L. K. Craft (pen pseudonym and maiden name)