Soaking Room

Early in 2009, I was encouraged by a friend to try .  I couldn't image finding it valuable with it's limitation of only 140 characters per entry.  What could I ever do with such a limited medium?  Immediately, (most likely the Holy Spirit working with me), I decided to put on a verse of scripture and a Christian song link and offer up as a 5 minute soaking for anyone needing it!  Since that day, I have continued to put on a verse and song each day.  I've received many emails thanking me . . . especially from people working at their computers, they found taking a few minutes and focusing on the Lord to be comforting during their stressful day.

Soaking room have risen in the past 10 years.  It's about removing the daily clutter of life and sitting in 'His Presence'.   It's a time for worship and focus on the Lord.  I really didn't have any expectations and thought it wouldn't be found or used by others.  But in very short time it's followers started growing.  Within a year a thousand people were following it and today it maintains over 1,600 followers.  There's a great story coming out of this that I will write up soon and put on this page . . .   

To find the Soaking Room, go to (no spaces)